Crowcon Clip SGD Docking Station - CL-TEST

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CL-TEST Clip SGD Docking Station by Crowcon

Bump testing portable monitors is becoming more and more prevalent in the market. Ensuring sensors are responding to a known concentration of gas remains the best way to verify the monitor is working as intended and has not become impeded.

The Clip SGD docking station provides bump testing, event management and calibration from a simple-to-use multi-unit station and gives fleet or safety managers the ability to update configurations on large fleets. It also maintains the all-important event logs that demonstrate users are working within company requirements.

  • Gas usage controlled - lowers the cost of bump testing
  • Manages calibration - manages calibration and stores records of the event
  • Flexible - can monitor a wide array of test parameters and detector settings, providing excellent traceability
  • All data is stored in a USB stick - simple to transfer the data
  • Rechargeable battery or power - ideal for in-vehicle or multi-site use
  • Holds up to 4 Clips at once - faster testing of larger fleets