Crowcon Gas-Pro TK Dual Range Portable Monitor

  • Crowcon Gas-Pro TK Dual Range Portable Monitor
  • Crowcon Gas-Pro TK Dual Range Portable Monitor
  • Crowcon Gas-Pro TK Dual Range Portable Monitor
  • Crowcon Gas-Pro TK Dual Range Portable Monitor

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Oxygen Sensor
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Gas-Pro TK Dual Range Portable Monitor by Crowcon

Hydrocarbons stored in inerted environments create a particular flammable gas detection challenge, whether during transport at sea or storage on shore. Gas-Pro TK dual-range portable monitor is designed for use in this specialist environment where standard gas detectors just won't work whether tank purging or gas freeing.

Tank check functionality summary

  • Tank specialist - Designed to perform in the challenging inerted tank environments
  • Dual IR sensor - Detects the spectrum of possible flammable gas concentrations from high %vol to low %LEL. Auto-ranges, switching between %LEL and %vol as gas concentration demands. Notifies you of auto-ranging as it happens.
  • Monitors oxygen - Know when it's safe to load fuel. Know when it's safe for operators to enter
  • High H2S sensor option - Understand possible risks if gases vent during purging helps inform you of potential risk from pyrophores
  • Alarms disabled in tank mode - High gas levels are to be expected, so alarms can be misleading and annoying
  • Automatic flow plate recognition - Integrated pump turns on as soon as the flow plate is applied. Tank samples can be drawn from up to 98.4ft.


  • Mode indication - Clearly indicated when in Tank Check mode, avoiding potential confusion
  • Confirmed alarm status - In Tank Check mode, alarms are disabled. You must acknowledge this before you can proceed
  • Simple single button operation - Simple one-handed operation. Easy to learn and remember. Easy to use while wearing gloves
  • Light - At 12oz, it is light enough to clip to your belt, overalls, or a Gas-Pro harness, so it's easy for the technician to keep with them during their working day
  • Black - Part of the Gas-Pro range of detectors, Gas-Pro TK units are black to avoid any possible confusion

Personal monitor functional summary

  • Personal gas detector - Gas-Pro TK has full Gas-Pro functionality, so can double up as a personal detector, as required. Full range of alarms are enabled: audible (>95dB); visual (red and blue flashing LED); tactile (vibrating).
  • Confined space preentry check function - Assists you through the pre-entry check process

Gases and Ranges
Gas Range Resolution
Oxygen (O2) 0-25% vol 0.1% vol
Methane 0-100% LEL / 0 - 100% vol 1% LEL / 1% vol
Propane 0-100% LEL / 0 - 100% vol 1% LEL / 1% vol
Butane 0-100% LEL / 0 - 100% vol 1% LEL / 1% vol
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) 0 -100ppm
0 - 1000ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0 - 500ppm
0 - 2000ppm
0 - 2000ppm (H2 filtered)

Size 43 x 130 x 84mm (1.7 x 5.1 x 3.3in)
Weight 340 g (11.9 oz)
Alarms Audible: 95 db
Vibrating: Integrated
Visible: Red and Blue LEDs
Display Bright top-mounted display can be viewed while worn
Logging Data: 125h data @ 10s intervals
Events: 1000
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery: 13 hour typical runtime (4 sensors, pump running)
7.5 hour recharge
Sampling Internal pump with 98.4ft draw
Environment Operating temperature: -20 to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Humidity: 10-95% RH non-condensing
Ingress protection: Independently tested to IP65 and IP67
Compliance EMC 2014/30/EU
ATEX 2014/34/EU
Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90 EU MED1500009
Approvals ATEX: Ex II 2 G Ex db ia IIC T4 Gb Tamb -4°F to +131°F
IECEx: Ex db ia IIC T4 Gb Tamb -4°F to +131°F
UL: UL: Class 1 Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D, UL 913, UL 60079-0 and UL 60079-11
INMETRO: Ex db ia IIC T4 Ga Tamb -4°F to +131°F
Accessories included Integrated Alligator clip and tethering loop
Calibration plate